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Laboratory sampling your water.

A closed water treatment system is a water treatment system where water is recirculated and reused. 

Closed water systems can be found in a variety of settings, including industrial and commercial facilities and cooling towers Sampling of closed water systems is important to ensure that the system is operating correctly and to prevent the spread of disease and reduce system corrosion.

Trident offers a comprehensive sampling service for every type of closed water system.   

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Water sampling

Laboratory analysis.

Supporting BSRIA and British standards we analyse your water and provide a report on the results and necessary steps to take to make sure any contaminated water is made clean again.

Your water needs to be tested at regular intervals to make sure the water is fit for purpose and that the contamination does not affect scale build up and bacterial growth. Laboratory analysis also detects higher levels of corrosion than expected enabling rectification at an early stage.

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